National Tackling Indigenous Smoking Workers Workshop 2019

The National Tackling Indigenous Smoking Workers Workshop was held from Tuesday 2 April to Thursday 4 April 2019 in Alice Springs. This workshop was one of the largest gatherings of TIS workers, partners, experts and supporters of the TIS program.


Please note – some of the presentations from the workshop are not available at this time.

Day one

Plenary sessions

  • National TIS Workers Conference 2019
    Professor Tom Calma, the National Coordinator for Tackling Indigenous Smoking, sets the scene for the 2019 workshop. In this presentation, Professor Calma reflects on the learnings of the history of the TIS program and aims to ensure the TIS workforce will understand the relationships of all elements of the TIS program.
  • What is working to tackle Indigenous smoking
    This presentation was delivered by Professor David Thomas from Menzies School of Health Research. In the presentation, Professor Thomas showcases the lessons from the Talking About the Smokes program, and highlights some of the data that was collected.
  • Above the Line
    Presented by Timmy Duggan from the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre, this presentation provides information on ‘above the line’ thinking.

Population health approaches

Concurrent sessions – Youth

Concurrent sessions – Community engagement

Concurrent sessions – Partnerships

Concurrent sessions – Monitoring and evaluation

Day two

Plenary sessions

  • Marketing savvy: Know thy audience
    This presentation was delivered by Brett de Hoedt from Hootville Communications to provide information on effective techniques to become marketing savvy, developing and positioning your brand, and understanding your audience.
  • Rolling with the Red Dust: Spread out and stick together
    This presentation from Red Dust Healing provides information on the tools they use as part of their cultural healing programs.
  • Doing it together the WA way
    This presentation was delivered by the West Australian TIS teams to highlight how they have partnered to deliver TIS services and tobacco control initiatives for the state.

Concurrent sessions – Monitoring and evaluation, reporting and public speaking

Concurrent sessions – Remote

There are currently no presentations from the remote session to share.

Concurrent sessions – Regional

Concurrent sessions – Urban

Concurrent sessions – Women’s health

There are currently no presentations from the women’s health session to share.

Concurrent sessions – Men’s health

Day three

Plenary sessions

  • Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service – Community engagement resource development
    This presentation from the BRAMS TIS team provides information on how they’ve engaged the community in the process of developing no-smoking resources.
  • Using social media for tobacco control: designing messages and evaluating research
    This presentation by Marita Hefler from Menzies School of Health Research showcases the use of social media for tobacco control. It presents information on a three-year NHMRC project, which was funded to research: what social media health information is being shared by communities, how, and by who?; how can social media networks within communities be used effectively to influence social norms and stimulate behaviour change?; and how can Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services use social media effectively for reducing smoking?

Concurrent sessions – Quitline service

  • Quitline (Queensland)
    This presentation provides information specifically on the kinds of services the Queensland Quitline provides in their state.