NBPU TIS workshop and training materials

Tackling Indigenous Smoking Workers Induction Pack

Induction pack

The NBPU has created this induction pack as a useful resource for new staff in the Tackling Indigenous Smoking program. The induction pack provides an overview of topics such as:

  • The background of the TIS program and the National Best Practice Unit
  • Planning
  • Activities
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Development opportunities.

Please note: Download the PowerPoint and play as a slideshow so that you can click the links on the slides.

Tackling Indigenous Smoking Social Media Training

A bespoke online social media training course has been developed for the TIS workforce by Claudine Thornton Creative. You will learn about marketing terminology and consumer behaviour tactics. Understanding how marketers use emotion over logic in promoting cigarettes, means you can use the same tactics to persuade people to be smoke-free. The course focuses on how to use emotional availability to reverse engineer tobacco marketing.

The course lasts around one and a half hours and comprises seven modules each split into 5-10 minute segments. So you can complete it in one go, or in short pieces. The course is free to access, simply open this link and then click the ‘Enroll for free’ button.

Archived NBPU TIS workshop and training materials can be accessed here.