NBPU TIS workshop and training materials – Archived

Materials to support monitoring and evaluation of workshops

Measuring local change for the TIS program presentation

This presentation introduces methods on how to measure change and evaluate the impact of TIS program activities.

Measuring local change for the TIS program

This handout sets out the structure and content of TIS training workshop sessions on monitoring and evaluating TIS activities, and is designed for TIS-funded organisations. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the Measuring local change for the TIS program presentation.

NBPU TIS webinars/telelinks with Associate Professor Renee Bittoun

The NBPU TIS has conducted a series of webinars/telelinks around specific topics in relation to smoking cessation. The webinars/telelinks were hosted by Associate Professor Renee Bittoun, a tobacco treatment specialist.

Tobacco and cannabis use

This presentation focuses on tobacco and cannabis use, and provides information on: why they are mixed; medical consequences; what can be done; and interventions.

What makes an effective smoking cessation worker

This presentation focuses on how to be an effective smoking cessation worker, and provides information on: elements; look and personality; education; code of ethics; personal behaviour; what can be defined as your role; and what people need to know.

Weight gain after smoking cessation

This presentation focuses on weight gain after smoking cessation, and provides information on: weight gain in pregnancy; what the cause of weight gain is; hypotheses; dieting at the same time; self-control; nicotine effect; the thyroid glands; hypoglycemia; recommendations; and lack of evidence.

Smoking and the skin

This presentation focuses on the effect of smoking on the skin, and provides information on: signs on the skin; smokers’ nail; smokers’ palate; smokers’ melanosis; facial wrinkles; buerger’s disease; skin cancers; skin diseases; and dermatological uses of nicotine.