Connie the Clever Cockie presents: Evidence in Brief – Findings from the Australian Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug Survey

This month, I thought you would be interested to hear about the latest findings from the Australian Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug Survey (ASSAD), published in late December 2023. The survey includes questions about tobacco and e-cigarette use (vaping) as well as alcohol and other drugs. ASSAD is a national survey which is usually completed every three years by Australian secondary school students aged 12-17 years.

Take Home Message for TIS Teams:

The good news from this latest data is the positive downward trend in tobacco use by young people. However, the significant increase in vaping is a concern because we know that:

  • the earlier a person starts experimenting with products containing nicotine, the more likely they are to become regular long-term users;
  • young people who vape are three times more likely to take up smoking.

It is never too early to educate youth about the benefits of not smoking or vaping. The TIS program must continue to build upon existing effective health promotion activities for youth to prevent smoking and vaping uptake and encourage those who have started to vape regularly to quit.

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