Evaluation documents

These documents have been produced by the Cultural and Indigenous Research Centre Australia (CIRCA) as part of an independent, national evaluation of the Tackling Indigenous Smoking program. The evaluation assesses the short and mid-term progress and outcomes toward the long-term reduction of smoking rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


This framework, developed specifically for the TIS program by CIRCA, is a guide for the monitoring and evaluation of your TIS activities. It includes information on the TIS program, the purpose of the evaluation, the questions the evaluation aims to answer, and how these questions will be answered.


These five National Indicators have been developed by CIRCA to guide the activities that TIS grant recipient organisations will report on in their Action Plans and progress reports.


This document lays out the flow inputs, outputs, short term outcomes, medium term outcomes and long term outcomes for the TIS program.


This preliminary evaluation report of the Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) program was produced by CIRCA, the organisation contracted by the Australian Government Department of Health, to conduct an evaluation of the TIS program. The report provides an evaluation of the first year of the TIS program (Jan – Dec 2016), with a focus on the regional tobacco control grants delivering localised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tobacco interventions. A number of recommendations are made to further enhance outcomes from the program, which are directed at the Government, the Department of Health, and key program stakeholders. A word version of this document is also available here: