Remote Services Workshop Presentations 2021

On 3 and 4 March 2021, the NBPU TIS hosted an online workshop for the 22 Tackling Indigenous Smoking teams who service communities in remote and very remote Australia. Participants joined a three hour Zoom session on both days, with an offline activity undertaken by teams in between the Zoom meetings.

Watch the Remote services video presentations on the NBPU TIS YouTube Playlist.

NBPU TIS Remote Services Workshop Report 3-4 March 2021 – This report provides a summary of the workshop and feedback.

Remote Services TIS Workshop 3 March 2021 – presented by TIS Coordinator, Professor Tom Calma

This presentation was delivered by Professor Tom Calma AO at the 2021 Remote Services TIS Workshop. Information covered in the presentation includes: workshop objectives; the expansion of programs to target pregnant women and people in remote areas who smoke; continuing evaluation to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of individual programs; an overview of TIS program processes; evaluation of TIS (CIRCA and ANU); people who currently smoke daily, by remoteness; the reach of the TIS program; smoke-free workplaces, community spaces and homes; Tobacco in Australia online resource; cost savings of quitting smoking; e-cigarettes (TGA directions on e-cigarettes); smoking and hearing; information about World No Tobacco Day 2021; and the National TIS Workers Yarning Group.

Department of Health Update Remote Services 3 March 2021

This presentation was delivered at the 2021 Remote Services TIS Workshop by Nick Pascual from the Department of Health. The presentation provides information on how tobacco use is tracking against ‘big picture’ goals and useful information available on the Tackling Indigenous Smoking Resource and Information Centre (TISRIC).

TIS Evaluation 3 March 2021

This presentation was delivered by Raglan Maddox from the Australian National University (ANU). Information in the presentation relates to: an evaluation of the impact of TIS regional grants on smoking outcomes; the Mayi Kuwayu study; the Review of tobacco use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; and EOIs to pilot the TIS Intensity Tool.

Developing Partnerships in Remote Areas 3 March 2021

In this whiteboard session, participants brainstormed the strengths and challenges in developing partnerships while working in remote areas.

Health Promotion through Social Media 3 March 2021

This presentation was delivered by Luke Dumas and Kieron Lander from IUIH Deadly Choices. They describe how Deadly Choices has used social media in their TIS program. Topics they discussed included: World No Tobacco Day, community tobacco surveys during COVID-19, tobacco podcast and tobacco promotional resources.

Population Health Promotion for Tackling Indigenous Smoking 3 March 2021

In this whiteboard session, participants discussed Population Health Promotion in the context of the TIS program. After this session, teams were given an activity to complete offline. The main themes from the completed activities can be viewed here.

Co-Designing Resources for Tackling Indigenous Smoking 3 March 2021

This presentation was delivered by Sachin Khera from Bega Garnbirringu Health Service. Sachin discussed how Bega Garnbirringu has co-designed resources for their TIS program.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Good Practice 3 March 2021

This presentation was delivered by Jessica Stevens from the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia. Jessica discussed how the Puyu Blasters campaign has incorporated monitoring and evaluation into their program.

Social Media: Key Mindset Messages (breakout session) 4 March 2021

This session was facilitated by Claudia Thornton. During the session, participants discussed the importance of campaign messages and brainstormed about the possible mindsets of people in their communities who smoke or are trying to quit smoking.

Northern Territory Remote Toolkit 4 March 2021

This presentation was delivered by Professor David Thomas from Menzies School of Health Research. Professor Thomas discussed collecting evidence in remote settings for monitoring and evaluation.

Exploring Service Delivery Priorities (mentimeter poll) 4 March 2021

In this session, all teams participated in a live poll of priorities for remote service delivery. Teams could vote on the topics presented and together the workshop decided on an order of importance. The focus was on how team strengths could be used to overcome remote service delivery challenges.