Connie the Clever Cockie presents: Research Roundup June 2023


Welcome to the latest Tobacco Control News – Research Roundup, presented by Connie the Clever Cockie. This month, Connie has put together a summary of three new pieces of evidence covering factors that protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth from starting smoking, as well as those factors that increase the risk of taking up smoking; the implementation, impact and acceptability of the Quit for New Life (QFNL) program, a large-scale smoking cessation initiative for women having an Aboriginal baby; and the smoking and vaping rates for Australians aged 14 years and over from February 2018 to March 2023. Click on the thumbnail to read the summaries of three papers:

  • Don’t Follow the Smoke – Listening to the Tobacco Experiences and Attitudes of Urban Aboriginal Adolescents in the Study of Environment on Aboriginal Resilience and Child Health (SEARCH)
  • A mixed methods evaluation of Quit for new life, a smoking cessation initiative for women having an Aboriginal baby
  • Current vaping and current smoking in the Australian population aged 14+ years: February 2018-March 2023.

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