Smoking and Pregnancy Roundtable presentations now available

An Indigenous Smoking and Pregnancy Roundtable was held on 20 February 2020 in Canberra, ACT and was chaired by National Coordinator, Professor Tom Calma AO.

The meeting brought together an invited group of academic researchers and service providers to consider current needs and future directions for addressing smoking in pregnancy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers. Participants included representatives from a number of Regional Tobacco Control Grant recipient organisations.

Professor Calma said that he hoped that this Roundtable would enable people to share best practice and also to recognise that it is not just people who are part of the Tackling Indigenous Smoking program who are working to tackle Indigenous smoking – everyone working in a health delivery service has a responsibility for this.

The presentations, discussions and summary report from the 2020 Smoking and Pregnancy Roundtable are now available.

Watch the presentations here: Smoking and Pregnancy Roundtable 2020.