MDAS and Mildura Central combine to promote smoke free message

A partnership between Mildura Central Shopping Centre and Mallee District Aboriginal Services (MDAS) has brought about the installation of bright, new covers over the bollards delineating the smoke-free zone at the shopping centre entrances.

‘We thought it was a great opportunity to take the smoke-free message to the community, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous,’ said Nathan Yates, MDAS Regional Coordinator for Tackling Indigenous Smoking. ‘It was a fantastic gesture by Mildura Central to allow us to use the bollards, free-of-charge to install the covers and get the message to around 4,000 people a day who come into Mildura Central.’

The bollards, which define the required 15-metre smoke-free area around the building, will be used to promote quit smoking messages and programs, as well as relevant upcoming events such as NAIDOC.

‘The goal is to build the partnership with Mildura Central as a really busy place in our community, so people get the message and can see where they can access support,’ Mr Yates said.

Mildura Central Manager, Leigh Fuller, said he was pleased the partnership would make a feature of the smoke-free bollards. ‘The bollards simply define the smoke-free zone – this project means we’re able to take the next step and give people a point of reference for where they can go for support to quit or reduce their smoking,’ he said.

Source: Mallee District Aboriginal Services